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HYPROS Dies Guide Cleaner

Sludge removal agent for Wire EDM

Product features:

HYPROS Dies Guide Cleaner can be used for easy cleaning of sludge on dies guide,


without disassembling of a guide assembly.

Main components : Reducing agent. Surfactant.

Color : Colorless or light yellow liquid.  pH: 7.0

Density : 1.03 grams / cm3


Applications : Cleaning of sludge on parts of Wire EDM such as guide, etc.


How to use:

Remove a nozzle cap of the aerosol product and insert the attached hose in the hole at the

nozzle surely. Press an end of the hose to wire mouth at guide portion and then inject a little

amount of HYPROS Dies Guide Cleaner. Wipe off the cleaner residue well within 5 minutes

after the injection and then wash off the parts with water. In case of use without the hose,

take the same manner as well.

< 300 ml >

HYPROS Dies Guide Cleaner   น้ำ ยาทำความสะอาดหัวไกด์ 



ช่วยให้การร้อยลวดง่ายขึ้น  และช่วยยืดอายุการใช้งานของหัวไกด์อีกด้วย  

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